Frequently Asked Questions

Absolutely. Everything we build will be owned by you 100%. All we ask is for the rights to use screenshots and a description of you site in our portfolio.

All of our websites are built with WordPress – the most popular Content Management System (CMS) in the world. In fact, over 25% of all websites are powered by WordPress. Popularity isn’t always a true measure of quality, but it is in this case. WordPress has a lot of functionality and flexibility. We are able to build a wide range of sites and functionality, from “Hello World” to online car reservation systems, all using WordPress.

Everyone of our websites has responsive design built in. We do not tangled up in the “mobile first” jargon – we feel that all devices are equally important. We test the websites on desktops, tablets and phones to make sure they work and look great on all of them.

This is dependent on the complexity of the website, our workload at the time and how quickly we get content and approvals from customers. Simple brochure sites can 10-15 days after we receive all content from the customers. For more complex sites (large number of pages, custom functionality), it could take up to 60 days or more. We will define timelines more precisely in our quotes after we have seen the scope of the work.

We do not provide web hosting. There are many fantastic companies offering this service and we will be glad to help you find one that suits your needs. They have the technical expertise and infrastructure to support you better than any website development company can. In fact, most website development firms offering this service are merely resellers for the larger hosting companies. We feel that our clients should have full control of their website and not be tied to us through a web hosting contract. We also feel that we should earn the right to work with you and not have you unnecessarily tied to us.

The amount of investment in a website depends on a lot of factors including number of pages and custom functionality. All websites are unique and they are like building a house – a 3,000 sq. ft. home with a pool and triple garage will cost more than one-bedroom loft. Both are perfectly great dwellings, but different in size and functionality. Our website projects start at approximately $3,500 for a basic website and go up from there depending on your needs.

You can absolutely do that. In fact, for some small brochure sites it might be a good place to start. Although it is a cheaper route, you will have some limitations: you don’t own your site, you can’t move it to another provider and you have fewer design/feature/technology options. If you need more flexibility or sophistication – custom design or advanced functionality – then you should talk to a web design/development company like WebCPR to explore how we can help you.

No – we always start from a blank canvas. Even if we are shown a template that a client likes, we use it as a guideline to develop the design from scratch. Many templates look great, but they commonly impose limitations in design and functionality that we can avoid by not using them in the first place.

WordPress is an excellent content management system (CMS). Once your website is built, you will have complete access to your site to make any changes you wish. We can provide various levels of training to help you get a running start.

Absolutely. We use Beaver Builder and some of the related supporting tools. This gives us the ability to be very flexible in delivering high-quality websites in a timely manner. It also makes it much easier for clients to modify content and maintain their own sites after launch.

WebCPR has developer/agency licenses for all the premium plugins we use. For clients that purchase one of our Care Plans, our licensing will continue to be used for the sites. If a client chooses not to take on a Care Plan, they will be responsible for purchasing the necessary licenses. Once someone moves off of a Care Plan, they will have 60 days to arrange licensing. WebCPR will provide a detailed list of all plugins used and which ones require licensing, if needed.

Search Engine Optimization is the process of getting your website as high as you can on search engines such as Google. There are so many factors that contribute to SEO, but some of the basic ones is the wording used on your website, proper heading and title tags and dynamic content.

Proper website design is a strong basis behind effective SEO and we make sure to implement search engine and web guidelines to make your site SEO friendly. We can help you start strong, but long term SEO is much than that. After your site is launched, it will be up to you to maintain and grow your SEO or you can hire us to maintain your site on an ongoing basis.

Search engine rankings can never be guaranteed. One of our clients has been approached a number of times with the promise of “page one Google rankings”. They quickly ask the caller “How do make such a guarantee to the other 20 companies you are calling in my industry?” There are too many factors built in to an ever-changing SEO algorithm that it is just too difficult to guarantee a ranking. What can be guaranteed is that with ongoing, effective SEO, your search rankings will improve.

Absolutely. We will provide training to help you maintain your website.

You bet! If you want this s part of your digital presence, we can include social media and email marketing services as part of the project proposal.

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