Our Process


Consultation and Discovery


We'll spend some time asking the right questions to find out what you want to achieve. We'll dig a little hard here because proper planning can save a lot of time in the development of your website. It's important that we clearly know:

  • the goals of your website
  • who you are targeting
  • the messages you want to deliver
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Review Content


We will gather all the pieces together that make up the website:

  • text and copy
  • pictures
  • videos
  • significant keywords

We will need to make sure all the pieces are ready before we get too far along in the process, otherwise it could become like building a model car without wheels - and that would be no fun!


Client Review 1




Decorative - sitemap

Once we have all the information we need, we'll build a visual sitemap. These sitemaps help us make sure:

  • all information is properly grouped in pages or blocks
  • the site is structured to support your goals and your users' needs
  • the website is easy to get around
  • that all key people have an opportunity to provide their input, including owners/managers, marketers and developers


Decorative - prototype

The nest step is to build an interactive prototype in the browser to show you how our solution will work. It's not pretty - no colors, no pictures, no useful text. The job of the prototype is to work through any usability issues.

Once the prototype is done, we will have have a fully functional website without the beauty. That comes in the next step.



Decorative - web design

This is where the fun starts. We get to sort out colors and look 'n' feel things to breathe beauty into your interactive prototype. We'll make sure the design of the site shows off the best of your organization and matches your brand identity.

With the colours and the fancy stuff, your site starts to come to life!


Client Review 2



Decorative - web development

This is when we go underground, roll up our sleeves and pull everything together. We'll spend a couple of weeks developing the website, testing, setting up security and all doing all the necessary techie stuff. We'll check in with regular updates so you'll know exactly where we are.

We'll need our digital hard hats for this stage.


Client Review 3



Decorative - delivery

Here's the exciting stage - the delivery of your newborn website. We'll make sure it is set up on your hosting location and thoroughly tested. We have a long checklist of things we review to make sure your site starts strong and healthy. Areas we check include:

  • SEO tools are in place
  • colours and layout are properly consistently applied
  • backups - they are setup and tested
  • security - spam-checkers and scanning
  • accessibility

You'll now be able to show off your new site to the whole world!