Our Latest Project

Positively Sue (Sue Bassett) is a motivational speaker with a strong message to share with the world. The challenge for her was to figure out how to let the world know about her message.

We sat down with Sue to determine what she wanted from the initial launch of her site. The following were important requirements:

  • Sue has a strong and growing social media presence, so it was important to integrate her social media with the website
  • Showcase her speaking topics and allow people to quickly inquire about any topics
  • Have a detailed form for people to book Sue online
  • Ensure the site was a reflection of her colourful personality
  • An attractive, appealing layout for blog pages

All of these criteria were met with the initial launch. We have continued to work with Sue after the launch to help her digital marketing even further. YouTube channels integrated into her site and the development of landing pages are in the works.

More From Our Portfolio


Law Firm with Client Portal

Agro Zaffiro had a website but they recognized it needed to be refreshed. We worked with them to create a website that effectively highlights all of their partners and staff, as well as their areas of law. We were also creative in developing an attractive main menu with images along with text.

The firm also wanted to have a secure portal for their clents to share documents. Their site now has a client login area where each client using the portal has their own secure hub to commuicate with specific members of the firm.

Car Rental Reservation System

Carter Lease and Rentals is an auto rental company. They had gone through a couple of different attempts to set up an online reservation system. They contacted us and we went to work for them.

The reservation system is now the key element of their website. So much so that is prominently displayed on their home page. Since its launch, the Carter team has received more online reservations than what they paid for their investment.


Accessibility Firm

Ramped Up is a division of DataCPR that focuses on accessibility. It was important to highlight what this division does, but it was also important to adhere to accessibility standards. After all, we had to make sure the site reflected the company's accessibility mission.

Many accessibility features are well crafted on this site including: easy to read text, colour contrasts, skip links.

Of course we pay attention to accessibility in all the projects we work on.

Child Care Centre

Umbrella Family and Child Centres is an organization that runs multiple child care locations. They needed a site that provided detailed information for each of their locations and would allow sharing of documents amongst staff and families.

The resulting site has many pages and it fit their requirements, with simple, intuitive navigation access to all pages.

We trained their staff to do their own updates and they have been doing so since its launch, giving them complete control over the site and saving them considerable money.


Charity Website

Opening Hearts is a local charity that needed a web presence to let the community know about their programs and who they are serving. They also needed a way to attract volunteers and donors.

Since its launch, the website has been used for families to register their children in various programs. It has also successfully recruited a number of volunteers. The simple "Donate Now" button has been successful in raising funds.

The website has also been effective in giving Opening Hearts credibility - especially with potential donors and in its successful application for charitable status.